Membership Handicaps

Two basic premises underlie the USGA Handicap System, namely that each player will try to make the best score at every hole in each round, regardless of where the round is played, and that the player will post every acceptable round for peer review. The player and the players’ Handicap Committee have joint responsibility for adhering to these premises."

Members handicaps are available on the following link

Establishing a Handicap

Simply by using your EGF number as your username and the password provided in your correspondence from your club - You can complete and view your games and profile via the internet on
On the internet you are also able to view other players’ handicaps and game history, print your own handicap, update your profile, send and receive messages from your club and monitor your projected and live handicap.

Gross Score
The number of actual strokes plus penalty strokes taken by a player
Adjusted Gross Score
Your gross score after all allowances and deductions have been made
Nett Differential
The nett difference between your nett score and the course rating
Equitable Stroke Control
This means recording, or adjusting to, a maximum score on a hole according to strokes allowed as per your handicap.
Slope Rating
The standard slope of a golf course is 113. It is the difficulty of the golf course rating to a bogey golfer. The higher the number over 113 the more difficult the golf course
Bogey Golfer
A golfer who has a handicap of 20 on a course of standard difficulty. (113 slope)
Scratch Golfer
A golfer with a handicap of 0
Handicap Index
The handicap that a golfer holds, calculated from scores submitted from his rounds.
Course Handicap
The handicap of a particular golf course calculated off the slope of that golf course

Using the Terminal at a club: 
The card is your own personal Golfers Card Handicap Management and EGF Membership swipe card for the UAE.
The card is intended to make it easier for you as a golfer to register and record your games in order for your handicap to be more accurately recorded. All golf courses will have computer terminals within the golf clubs.
1. Swipe your card at the golf reception to register for your game. This verifies your identity, confirms your handicap and opens your game. 
2. Swipe your card at one of the computer terminals in the club house at the end of your round to enter your adjusted gross score for the day. 
2. The computer calculates your handicap. 
3. In order to complete a game at a terminal, you must swipe your card. If you do not have your card with you, you may complete the game on this website by logging in. 

Your handicap
• For a new handicap you must enter 5 games onto the system
• If you have a handicap it will be transferred to the new system and will be adjusted after 5 games have been entered onto the system.
• Up to 10 games, the average of all your scores will be taken to adjust your handicap. After that only the 10 lowest differentials will used until it becomes the lowest 10 of 20 games which it will then use infinitum. 
• Your handicap will be adjusted on your differential. All calculations will be done by the system.

Calculation of Handicap Differential
Adjusted gross score – Course rating: 95 – 71.5 = 23.5
Difference x standard slope rating: 23.5 x 113 = 2655.5
Result / Slope Rating: 21.2
Handicap Index Formula
Total of 10 lowest Handicap Differentials: 154.8
Average (154.8 / 10): 15.48
Average multiplied by .96: 14.86
Delete all digits after tenths: 14.8
Handicap Index: 14.8

Your handicap will be adjusted immediately after a Tournament (T) and at the end of every month based on general play scores.
You must always enter a score on the score card. In stable ford games you must fill in what you would normally be allowed on that hole if you do not score any points. Eg. If you stroke on the hole then you can score 2 more than par, if you don’t stroke then you can score 1 more than par or if you were conceded a par then you fill in par for the hole.
Initially there will be substantial change to your handicap but as you enter more scores your handicap will settle and reflect your standard of play
If you fail to enter your score within 72 hours then you will be given a penalty score of par 72. If this happens 3 times your handicap may be suspended pending an enquiry from your club.
You can reverse a penalty score by providing your club with a score card of the particular game missed and the handicap secretary can correct it for you.
If you enter a score equal to the maximum strokes allowed for a round (course rating plus twice your handicap) 5 times your handicap may be suspended pending an enquiry from your club.

Golf is based on honesty and golfers must always try to score as best as they can.
Handicaps are there to allow players of differing ability to compete against each other, they are not there to enable players to win prizes at competitions or qualify for competitions that they are not good enough to play in.

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