Ladies Day


Ladies Day, Events Calendar & Results
Dear Member/Guest,  

I hope you will enjoy our Tournament Calendar for 2016, we have tried to include fun, competitive and varying formats to wet your appetite. The Ladies events are open to members, members guests. Please find enclosed the monthly schedule, please feel free to e-mail me if you have any queries or suggestions on our schedule. 

Please note entries are accepted on a 1st come 1st served basis. When a tournament has reached its capacity for entries the event will be removed from the tournament calendar and a waiting list will be compiled at Golf Reservations.

Use of Mobile Phones  Tournament play. During play of a golf tournament (Striking the ball on the starting hole to putting out on the finishing hole) mobile phones must be either switched off or on silent mode. The washroom areas and Academy building are deemed not to be part of the course and calls may be made and completed in this area only. 

Texts (silent mode) may be sent and received during play of a tournament.
Penalty for Breach of Rule;                                                                           
First Offence  2 Stroke Penalty.                                                                           
Second Offence  Disqualification.

Handicap Scheme, Ladies competing in the nine hole handicap section must have a playing certificate from their teaching professional to be able to gain access to the main course and compete in the nine hole competition, everyone meeting this criteria is welcome to participate. Once a player consitently achieves a total of 13 points or more over the nine holes they can submit all scorecards to their home club or EGF to obtain a starting handicap and participate in the main 18 hole events. 

Tournament Entry Fee:

Non Member,  AED 150.00 plus AED 35.00
Golf Members AED 35.00 plus cart if needed
Handicap Scheme AED 100.00 for 9 holes

Remember all events are optional and open to any Lady holding a valid EGF or Club Handicap, you may still play your friendly fourball at allocated times on the dates below. Entries are accepted up to one month in advance of the Event.

I hope you enjoy our tournament calendar.

Ian Carl Balundo  
Golf Coordinator