Congratulations to Graeme Wallace, Tom Freer, Phil Alcock and Denise Alcock division winner in the Captains Drive-In for Kevin Barrett and Rebecca Nicholson.

Tournament information:

Tournament result:

Guesstimate the Captain’s Ceremonial Drive

Kevin Barret - 240 Yards
Rebecca Nicholson - 196 Yards

Kevin’s Drive
1.    Adele McKelvey
2.    Ron Murphy

Rebecca’s Drive
1.    Denise Alcock

Ladies Closest to Rebecca’s Ceremonial Drive: Sheila Alban
Men’s Closest to Kevin’s Drive: Gary Swan

Ladies Closest to the Pin Challenge via TRACKMAN: Elli Oschmann 5 ft.
Men’s Closest the Pin Challenge via TRACKAMAN: Steve Bennett 3 ft.

Ladies Long Drive: Adele McKelvey
Men’s Long Drive: David McHardy

Team Winners

Men’s Division

1st Graeme Wallace net 64 (count back)
      Tom Freer
2nd John Onuonga net 64
      Emmanuel Orim
3rd Paul Bryson net 65 (count back)
      Max Rauch

Mixed and Ladies Division

1st Phil Alcock net 64
     Denise Alcock
2nd Douglas McLennan net 65 (count back)
     Nicola Breeze

Captain's Drive-In 2017/18

In the photo from left to right: Max Rauch, David McHardy, Phil Alcock, Paul Bryson, Tom Freer, Graeme Wallace, Denise Alcock, Lady Club Captain Rebecca Nicholson, Chris Miller, Emmanuel Orim, Bryan Banner, Club Captain Kevin Barrett, Nicola Breeze, Douglas McLennan, Adele McKelvey, John Onuonga, Steve Bennett, Elli Oschmann, Sheila Alban and Gary Swan.